Friday, January 8, 2010

Fanny Gray Awards

The Fanny Gray Award went to Jenny Taliadoros and David Wolfe.

Jenny is the publisher of Paper Doll Review and Paper Doll Studio, of course. They are must-reads for collectors--and the magazines are collectibles, too. David's writing on the heyday of Hollywood glamor and the designers who made it happen has become a staple of Paper Doll Review.

Jenny also created Paper Studio Press as the publishing house for new and reproduction paper doll books.


David and Jenny have been an excellent tag team, getting permission from stars or their estates to reproduce classic paper doll books, or getting the green light to create new ones from scratch. Plus, they get some great stories about the stars from Phyllis Diller to Phyllis McGuire--it was fun to hear some of them at convention! Check out Jenny's blog for more information, and great photos, too.

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