Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I can't think of a better way to segue into 2010 than with a few snapshots of our dress-up night during the convention. Many of us participated in a mask-making workshop and the results paid homage to Las Vegas in grand style. Above, Jim Howard.

Jan McKay, David Wolfe and Scott Jorgenson. 

Jenny had a mask of a different sort: a 60s-style maquillage to complement her swinging 60s costume and hair. A fabulous look that reminded me of the British pop star Cilla Black, c.1965. That's Gregg Nystrom and Karry Fuller behind her.

 Bruce Patrick Jones and Lorna Currie Thomopoulos.

Generational Chinese Family

I've saved the best for last: Susie Trout's phenomenal Generational Chinese Family, commissioned when she lived in China more than a decade ago. The figures are everyday people and the wardrobe includes contemporary and traditional costumes, and even a Red Guard uniform from the Mao era. (Thanks to Kwei-lin who allowed me to quote from her excellent summary.) This won the Competition's Grand Award. Just another example of the wonders to be seen at the Convention Competition.



A mid-19th century paper doll

Jan McKay won a first place ribbon for this lovely set. My guess is  c.1850s-1860s. I haven't been able to find any ID for it. Jan, do tell us more. Gorgeous color and artwork. Love the scenes that complete each outfit. Fairy tale set? Tuck? German? French?



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kaiser, Kaiserin and Princess paper dolls

The German royal family, c. 1888. From the collection of Jan McKay.




Queen Elizabeth I

I believe Lori Lawson brought this beautiful set into the Competition: Queen Elizabeth I by contemporary artist Pat Lucas-Morris.

Commodore Nutt

Another great item from the collection of Diana Lax: Commodore Nutt, c. 1858-1859. He was part of the storied P.T. Barnum Museum and traveling show of the 19th century.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Martha Washington Doll Book

From the collection of Catherine Soares: the Aline Bernstein 1945 spiral bound story book with paper dolls  depicting the life of the first First Lady.

Baby Sarah by Anne K. Donze

Original art work by Anne, who does the most wonderful babies and toddlers.

Original art by Sandy Vanderpool

Brother and Sister, 2003 and 2004. Owner: Berene Epp. Lucky children to have their portraits done by Sandy.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Paper doll family, c. 1895




Another beautiful hand made, mostly in watercolor, from the collection of Elaine Price.

A handmade paper doll, c. 1920s

Fashions of the 1920s, in watercolor, from the collection of Elaine Price.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Little Princess

Shirley Temple played The Little Princess in the movie of the same name, but here's a paper doll of the real thing: Margrethe II of Denmark, who grew up to be Queen of Denmark.

Shirley Temple, 1938

Diana Lax brought in this paper doll sheet from Spain, "La Tijera" or The Scissors. Not sure if the sheet was included in a magazine; maybe it was sold separately at stores. It's part of a series, would be interesting to see what else was published as part of "La Tijera."

Musee de la Poupee catalog paper dolls

Maria Pereira brought these paper dolls with regional costumes of France that were part of the Musee de la Poupee catalog for a 1995 exhibition.



Marie Antoinette

From the collection of Diana Lax: a 19th-century hand made paper doll of Marie Antoinette, drawn from portraits and paintings.
This is just like our own present day paper doll artists, who pause classic films on DVD to capture the fashions of stars such as Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, except this artist had to go to the library and museums.
Be sure to click on the images to see more detail, including the box that was created for the paper doll by the long-ago artist. Outstanding use of watercolor. 




Barbours' Dolls

It's so rare to see a complete set of these advertising dolls, with the original folder explaining the Barbour product--fine flosses and threads. c. 1895. Owner: Jan McKay.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mimi the French Model

DeJournette Mfg., circa early 1960s. A fun snapshot of the era's fashions.


"The Women" paper dolls

The fashion show segment of The Women (1939) featuring the designs of Adrian is one of my favorites. Dee Radcliffe owns this remarkable set of paper doll fashions drawn from that classic film. Artist: Kristina Lenss, 1995.




Friday, December 25, 2009

Dancing Dan

Lonnie Bullington's excellent jointed doll, a whimsical character artfully attired. This image was borrowed from Lonnie's blog where she has many other interesting doll projects going on.

I hope all of you are beaming like Dancing Dan after opening your Christmas presents this morning!

Dolly Dear

Dolly Dear, c. 1940-1950, printed in England. Jan McKay owns this bright and colorful set, and the original artwork, too.

The Merry Prancer

Kathy Striedl created this charming toy, magnetized to spin when you move the wand under her base. 

Judy and Jim by Hilda Miloche

Miloche is sought after by many collectors. c.1944. Owner: Anne K. Donze.


Ruth Morrison brought in this original art by Evelyn Gathings. A female Santa? Hmmmm....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Royal Princesses of England

This set is based on dolls owned by Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Rose--including dresses by French designers, including Lanvin and Patou. 1940. From the collection of Catherine Soares.